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Adam Zheng

Vice President

As Vice President of YW Rising Builders Inc., I, Adam, am proud to contribute a unique blend of expertise and passion to our dynamic team. With a master's degree in Applied Mathematics from UCLA, my career began in 2005 as a mathematician at Cal State LA University. My path took a transformative turn in 2015 after meeting Andy, our company's visionary founder, sparking a deep passion for design and construction that has since defined my career.

In my role, I have focused on enhancing management practices, leading to an 8% reduction in overall operational expenditures year over year. This achievement not only reflects my dedication to operational excellence but also highlights my ability to lead our team towards more efficient and sustainable practices.

My professional philosophy centers on sustainability, innovation, and client satisfaction, with a strong commitment to enriching our employees' values and work ethics. I believe that by fostering a culture of continuous improvement and respect, we can achieve exceptional results and maintain our reputation as industry leaders.

Looking forward, my goal is to expand YW Rising Builders Inc., creating more opportunities for our team in this vibrant industry. By leveraging our collective strengths and focusing on sustainable growth, I am dedicated to leading our company and every member of our team towards a prosperous future.

Outside of work, I enjoy oil painting and traveling, which helps me maintain a balanced and inspired outlook both professionally and personally.

Adam Zheng
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